Scrolls Assy


Mechanical properties

Scrolls Assy including scroll plates, bearing Chocks and balance weight.



1. Stationary and orbiting scroll plates made by the liquid die forging process, with T6 heat treatment to improve the grain anisotropy, solving the machining deformation problem.


2. Reliable in-process control to ensure the quality via high precision linear motor machine center, turning center, constant temperature and humidity workshop and work pieces on-line measuring system.


3.Stationary and orbiting scroll plates materials are designed as a friction pair, to keep the higher mechanical strength and good anti-friction and wear resistance.


4. Base circle involute with fixed and changing radius design; radial flexible mechanism design to make up for the scrolls wall thickness difference and remove the abnormal load;  axial flexible mechanism design to balance the axial gas, reduce the orbiting scroll plates friction.



Electric scroll compressors for new energy vehicles and buses, fuel vehicles scroll compressors, parking air compressors, low speed electric vehicles and refrigerating transportation trucks air compressors.


Mechanical Property

Description Material Accuracy Remark
Orbiting scroll plates Al.4032 liquid die forging process, with T6 heat treatment Line profile< 0.015mm Property Testing for orbiting and stationary scrolls Assy.
Stationary scroll plates Al 4032  liquid die forging process, with T6 heat treatment Line profile< 0.015mm
Bearing chock Al 4032 Position<0.015mm
Balance weight 45# steel, casting Weight ±0.5g
Powder metallurgy FD-0205


Description Surface treatment Thickness(μm) Hardness Roughness Remark
Orbiting scroll plates Anodize treatment 15-20 HV350-450 Ra1.6 Anti-friction washer needed for the stationary scrolls
Electroless Nickel plating 18-20 HV600-900 Ra0.8 No need anti-friction washer for  for the stationary scrolls
Stationary scroll plates Tin-plating 3-5 Ra0.8 Optional